Best Torrenting Websites 2021

Updated on January 26, 2021

Continuing a longstanding New Year’s custom, now we present an uptodate record of earth’s most seen BitTorrent websites. You might not know all of them but should definitely give every one a try, if you’re in for some Torrenting.

Make sure to use proper protection by a VPN service that hides your IP and identity.

Top Ten Torrenting Sites 2021

The Pirate Bay

To a lot of folks The Pirate Bay is interchangeable with BitTorrent. The website was founded over a decade ago and is still growing, despite domain name hops various legal troubles and ISP blockades. The Pirate Bay now has well over a billion page views monthly. They also lost some of their alternative domains, but the main one is still working well. Read here how to unblock PirateBay.


This website has one of the best communities, where uploaders keeping the archives up to date with new and fresh content. It offers a wide selection of torrents and comes with a discussion forum.


Initially, NYAA was known as an anime torrent site, NYAA.si today is a remake with a wider selection of torrents. It’s gaining popularity again and is considered one of the top notch torrent sites.


RARBG, which started out as a Bulgarian tracker many years past, has become one of the big players in the torrenting business. RARBG is specialized in high quality video releases. One of few torrent sites that hasn’t been blocked in the UK, which may in part explain its popularity.


Well known but seemingly not safe anymore, YTS has been sued with different lawsuits in the US in 2020. The Managing operator helped movie companies by handing out user data which then resulted in settlement requests.

FitGirl Repacks

This Torrenting website is different. It offers specially prepared downloads that have been cut down in size. This is done by – for example – reducing video cut scenes in games or optimizing the size of movies. It’s useful if your internet connection is more of a slow one.
FitGirl, publishes their torrents on other platforms aswell, but also offers own magnet links.


This is one of the old players in the torrent game and you might not even know it. It’s because they are blocked by many ISPs and major search engines (like many other torrenting sites). This is where a Torrent VPN comes in handy, which enables you to hide your traffic from your ISPs spying eyes and also keep your identity secret.


This is one is a hijacked version of the original EZTV brand. They often tend to release copies from other groups.


Torrent Galaxy is a relative new participant on the market of file sharing. Besides their torrent archive, they also offer some of their releases for streaming.


A large and well known player in the game: Zoogle has millions of verified torrents for it’s large community.