Best BitTorrent Proxies

Updated on January 14, 2021

VPNs are undoubtedly the best tools for increasing online security and privacy. For torrent users though, proxy services are believed to be more effective in getting the best speeds and anonymity when downloading torrents.

Which is better for Torrenting?

The truth is, torrent users would get better anonymity and speeds if they use both a proxy service and a VPN simultaneously. When one of the anonymity tools fails, there would still be a backup tool that would protect activities altogether. But of course, not everyone is willing to pay for two different tools or services just to get optimum performance and maximum online security.

So if you were to choose between a VPN and a proxy for anonymizing your torrent habits, we would recommend opting for a proxy service. Here are the biggest advantages of using a proxy service you’re your torrenting activities.

BitTorrent Proxy Advantage 1:

Your IP address will remain hidden even if the proxy server fails. To use a proxy in downloading torrents, you will have to configure your torrent client with the necessary proxy credentials first. Doing so would allow you to download torrents only through the proxy tunnel. This means you can only download torrents once your internet access has been rerouted through the proxy server. So even if your proxy connection drops, you would still have your true IP address hidden.

BitTorrent Proxy Advantage 2:

You’ll get faster speeds with a proxy service. Since most proxy services use lower grade encryption, they’d be able to offer better download speeds than VPN services.

BitTorrent Proxy Advantage 3:

You get separate IP addresses for all your internet activities. You will get separate IPs with your torrent client and your browser so that there would be no way of linking your activities together. You can use a proxy to keep your torrents anonymous and simply keep your other web activities such as social networking and Googling via your normal internet connection.

Choosing the best BitTorrent proxy services

There are numerous providers offering proxy services out there, however, not all proxies offer effective solutions to anonymizing torrenting activities. If you’re going to use a proxy to keep your torrenting safe and anonymous, we recommend the following providers as they are tried and tested already.

TorGuard Proxy

TorGuard is one of the most trusted VPN / Proxy service providers when it comes to keeping torrent activities anonymous. TorGuard offers users anonymous Proxy IPs in downloading torrents, keeping users away from prying eyes such as ISPs, hackers or the government. Click here to view Torguards Bittorrent Proxys


PrivateInternetAccess (PIA) is both a VPN and a proxy service that offers high encryption in keeping internet activities anonymous and safe. PIA is a preferred proxy / VPN service because it works like charm! PIA’s proxy service comes free with every VPN subscription. Click here to view PrivateInternetAccess Bittorrent Proxys

BTGuard Proxy

If we talk about anonymous BitTorrent proxies, BTGuard is never out of the conversation. BTGuard is one of the best proxy solutions out there. BTGuard promises to automatically anonymize all downloads on any BitTorrent client. Click here to view BTGuards Bittorrent Proxys


Use any of the Proxy services mentioned above and increase your anonymity while downloading torrents. Check out how to setup a proxy service on your BitTorrent client here.