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Updated on January 7, 2017

When it comes to VPN protection for file sharing on the Internet customers will find not all VPN providers give support for Bittorrents and other file sharing services. It could be the case the service does not offer unlimited bandwidth within the price plan, so frequent downloading is an impossibility, or it may be that copyright infringement issues are frowned upon by the VPN provider.

Freedom for Torrents with BTGuard VPN

BTGuard does offer freedom for torrents and file sharing via its encrypted VPN service or through the BitTorrent Proxy service. Customers taking out price plans for either of these services will find they are able to download files anonymously from anywhere in the world. BTGuard is based in Canada which does not have any laws regarding data logging or maintaining records of user activity, therefore there is no way customer activity can be traced back to its source origin once the VPN tunnel is active.

Benefits of BTGuard VPN

Signing up for BTGuard is a simple matter, which can be completed within minutes, and users will then be allocated the best available local server or can choose the best server location to suit their specific needs. Once the VPN or proxy service is initiated the customer’s IP address is hidden behind the shielding of the secure encryption provided by BTGuard and an anonymous IP address is allocated at each different log in. If customer’s purely wish to remain anonymous for the purpose of downloading torrents and file sharing the proxy service, BT BitTorrent Proxy, will enable the allocation of a proxy IP address which ensures complete anonymity. Customers wishing to ensure total anonymity, security and privacy for all Internet use should consider signing up the the full BTGuard VPN service, which also enables blocked websites and services to be unblocked fully.

Once the service has been initiated it’s possible for customers to access any preferred Bittorrent or file sharing service via the anonymity of the server-generated IP address. Hackers and eavesdroppers will be unable to locate the customer’s details or intercept any information transmitted or received by the customer’s Internet-enabled device. When it’s the case that the internet service provider (ISP) is throttling speeds of downloads the BTGuard service prevents this taking place as the ISP cannot track any of its customers any further than the BTGuard log in, so all customer activities once BTGuard has been activated are fully protected and speeds will remain at the normal levels given by the VPN provider.

Complaints about BTGuard

At June 2014 there had been a number of complaints recorded to a variety of online sites regarding the poor customer service offered by BTGuard and also concerns raised about the speed of the service, which was rated very slow. Customers planning to sign up with the service would be well advised to check the most recent online reviews to find out if the service has improved.

Servers in 3 Countries

BTGuard.com operates servers in Canada, the Netherlands and Singapore.


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