Free VPN for Torrenting

Updated on January 18, 2021

We receive a lot of mails if there are free VPN Providers for torrenting, so we want to show you which options are there for you if you are on a small budget:

Are there free VPNs for Bittorrent downloads?

First of all – there are no free bittorrent VPN providers – if you want to reach download speeds of more than 10kbps. The simple fact that torrenting and watching P2P streams with Popcorntime or Porntime causes a shitload of traffic which needs to be paid by the VPN provider excludes the option of a decent free VPN service for torrenting.

If you dont care if your download takes weeks, you can try one of the free VPN providers from this site – but as they also state, downloading, streaming and torrenting / P2P is practically impossible with a free VPN.

Whats the solution to torrent safe and free?

The best way to protect your torrent downloads from being detected and not paying a cent is taking advantage of the free trial options of commercial VPN providers.

expressvpn.comExpressVPN for example offers a 30 day money back guarantee which acutally works great, without questions. Buy the VPN service, use it for 20 days and then cancel the subscription – and you get a full refund. Thats the best free solution there is.

torguardTorguard.net – which offers also a 30 days money back guarantee and has no problem with bittorrent downloads at all.

After that , the number of VPN services which allow bittorrent downloads and offer a money back guarantee is still quite long – but the time periods for the refund get shorter.

privateinternetaccess.comPrivateInternetAccess for example offers only a 7 days money back guarantee – but 7 days is quite long if you want to download a few gigabytes of porn, software , pictures of naked grannies or whatever you are into.

ibvpn.comInvisibleBrowsing VPN lets you download for 15 days until the money back guarantee is no more valid. But in total you already downloaded several months for FREE when you use all the services we suggested above.

After that, you can still start from the beginning, doing the same – rinse and repeat – as long as you use a new email and paypal / bitcoin address to purchase your VPN service. Ask a friend or a family member if they will help you out.

Dont be a dick for too long

Of course some will think thats kind of a dick move to kite from one provider to the next for months – but on the other hand you can test which VPN service is the best for your needs in your country – and finally after enjoying all the free VPN time for torrenting, you can finally buy a subscription of the one which fits you best.

And you should definitely do that. Running a good VPN service costs a lot of dineros and the money back offers only work if not too many people exploit it.

But we understand that there are times in most peoples lives where money is a scarce resource and paying extra to be safe when downloading torrents isnt something everybody can afford – especially when you are in school, a student or you live in a country where wages are low or the exchange rate to the US dollar is making VPN for Bittorrent unafordable.

So play it nice, enjoy the free VPN time, download like crazy but buy a subscription after that – otherwise Karma will fuck you ?