How to hide BitTorrent IP Address?

Updated on January 7, 2017

BitTorrent is now widely used by a lot of people worldwide to share files with others. And while torrenting allows for faster and more convenient way to share big files, it is quite dangerous in a sense that users’ IP addresses are exposed to the rest of the cyber space.

Not a lot of torrent users are aware of the fact that they are exposing their IP address when they are downloading files via BitTorrent. But for those that value their privacy, they have been using an anonymity tool that could allow them to anonymously download torrent files regardless of where they are located.

In order to hide your BitTorrent IP address, you would need to make use of a highly reliable tool in the form of a VPN service. A VPN would not only mask your actual IP with a fake one, but it will also encrypt your data so you get an extra layer of security while you surf the web and download torrent files as you desire.

The way VPN works is that it acts like a middleman to you and the internet. Every time you access a certain website, you are basically sending your digital fingerprint to that website. The websites you visit, your ISP, government spying agencies and other prying eyes can all see your device’s IP address which is information that can used to identify and locate you online.

With all these information about VPN, IP addresses and torrenting in mind, are you now convinced that you need to make use of a VPN service to keep your internet habits private and safe from Big Brother? If you’re ready to use a VPN service, here are a few things you need to consider in purchasing a VPN plan.

  1. First of all, check whether the VPN service support BitTorrent. If it does, then you may consider it as your VPN service. Not all VPN service providers offer support for torrenting activities. And even if a VPN do support P2P file sharing, it would only allow torrenting on certain VPN servers.
  2. Read the VPN’s privacy and logging policy. Ideally, you would want to subscribe to a VPN service that won’t log any activities and has no ties with spy parties or government agencies. Choose a VPN service with a reputation for being a “non-logging VPN”. Even the VPN service shouldn’t be able to know what you are doing online.
  3. Server locations are important as well. Get a VPN service that offers a variety of server selections so that you can unblock any blocked content on the internet.
  4. Since you will be downloading torrent files, which are usually big files, you would need a VPN service that won’t limit your bandwidth usage and connections speeds. Encryption would slowdown the speed a bit but if you choose the right VPN service, you would not have any problems with slowdowns.
  5. Read product reviews and customer feedback about the VPN service to see if the VPN’s ‘promises’ are indeed genuine or just plain marketing scheme. Check out our own comprehensive reviews of various VPN service here.

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