Why use anonymous VPN for torrents?

Updated on February 18, 2017

An “anonymous” VPN service takes your privacy far more seriously than usual. Many VPNs keep at least a minimum set of logs and saves them for purposes of “account service optimization” or legal investigation. This is fine for the average home user but if you’re engaged in high-security/military/banking/research/etc or live in a politically risky country, you /need/ better safety than that! Make sure your VPN is truly anonymous! Always read the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service in full before committing yourself.

Anonymous VPN providers, however, don’t:

  • Log URLs, data, or usage
  • “Tailor” bandwidth or connection speed

Sometimes, VPNs are legally required to log timestamps and connection information but since you’re sharing the same IP with up to hundreds of others, this isn’t much of a concern.

Some anonVPNs use third-party payment platforms to add an extra layer of privacy. When a payment is made through the third-party provider, a transaction key is generated. When the transaction is confirmed, the key is deleted thus severing any connection between payment and any particular VPN account. One anonVPN uses offshore servers outside any legal jurisdiction.